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Tokyo Rumando 

Born in 1980. Based on the experience of modeling for movies and magazine, started photography herself since 2005. Mainly photograph her self-portrait artist. 
Solo Exhibitions
2016 orphee,Rest3000-Stay5000-,Polaroid, 
           Taka Ishii Gallery. Paris
2014 Orphee, TokyoLightRoom. Japan
2014 Orphee, PLACE M. Japan
2014 Orphee, ZEN FOTO GALLERY, Japan
2012 REST3000- STAY5000-, ZEN FOTO GALLERY. Japan
2012 Hotel Life, PLACE M. Japan
2012 Japanese RAKUGO Storyteller. Japan

Group Exhibitions

2017 Orphee, [Female Force From Japan] IBASHO Gallery /Antwerp

2017 Orphee, PHILLIPS [Photographs London] / London United Kingdom
2017 REST3000-STAY5000- , [I am an object] ZEN FOTO Gallery/ Japan
2016 Orphee, KIYOSATO MUSEUM OF Photographic Arts/ Japan
2016 Orphee,REST3000-Stay5000-,
          [Shikijyo:Eroticism in Japanese Photography] Blind Spot Gallery/ Hong Kong
2016 Orphee, “Performing for camera”, Tate Modern/ London. United Kingdom
2015 Orphee, fotofever, Paris. France
2014 REST3000- STAY5000-, Rosso di Donna. Italy
2014 Orphee, fotofever, Paris. France
2014 Orphee, TOKYO PHOTO. Japan
2014 Incontrid'Arte, LaBarbagianna Gallery. Italy
2012 REST3000- STAY5000-, NO FOUND PHOTO FAIR, Paris. Japan
2012 REST3000- STAY5000-, TOKYO PHOTO. Japan

SELF POLAROIDS (Zen Foto Gallery, 2017)
Orphee (Zen Foto Gallery, 2014)
REST3000- STAY5000- (Zen Foto Gallery, 2012)